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Well known entrepreneur is looking for an A player estate manager to run a tight ship at his home in Beverly Hills.


1)    Opening mail/distributing & sending to appropriate people

2)    Checking in with staff on any events for the day or contractors on site

3)    Offering drinks/snacks to guests

4)    Drinks for principal for workout/smoothie/coffee etc.

5)    Walk through of the estate

6)    Checking & completing organization

7)    Bill pay with accounts payable, confirming wire transfer instructions verbally before sending to accounts payable, pay some by pay pal & cc

8)    Checking estimates and contractor work

9)    Ordering lunch for employees

10) Payroll process with Texas office and sign each timesheet and verify

11) Processing payroll

12) Checking employee applications and background check for errors

13) Onboarding and creating employee files, conducting research for agencies, job postings, zoom and in-person interviews

14) Organization of office daily due to lack of space

15) Opening boxes of deliveries and taking photos

16) Ordering tea, lemon perfect, water, soda and other drinks for 3 fridges

17) Flamingo estates orders veggie & gift closet stock

18) Petty cash tracking

19) Talking with attorneys for property (2) or employment (1)

20) Talking with friends/being aware who is in possession of cars

21) Talking with Cira nanny for visits to order specialties/talk with school about education plan/paperwork or set up of various activities

22) Getting house ready for photo shoots or for real estate showing

23) Researching other contractors, research rental properties

24) Art work on 5 different properties/tracking/coordination of delivery and paperwork

25) Furniture & jewelry delivery has a string of email or paperwork especially if coming from another country the export of paper work can be exponential

26) Researching or booking travel, car service or coordination with pilot, coordination with private suite service

27) Arranging gift/deliveries to be sent to Fed Ex post office, UPS or special home deliveries

28) Aware of apps for turning on/off music, fireplace, air conditioner or heater

29) Locking all doors and making sure the dog is inside before leaving.

30) Security being aware/communicate daily on app or in person with risks or issues that arise

31) Parties up to 4 times a week. Everything else stops when parties are on property

32) Weekends consists of talking by text & email to staff if parties/chef/waitstaff/security issues/travel then booking hotel/car/plane issues

33) Stopped by staff of 15/8 security personnel constantly during week if job duties or issues with other employee arise, timesheet, human resource questions and paperwork

34) Tracking employee time off and replacement planning

35) Personal appointments, doctor, restaurant making for principals

36) Estate manual still needs to be streamlined and updated

37) Guests at the estate planning which rooms they are in and attending to their needs

Salary: 180-250K DOE plus benefits and PTO

Schedule: Not your regular M-F 9-5. Very much a 24/7 job.

To apply for this job email your details to