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About the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants

Welcome to the online home of the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants!

Founded in 1992 by Jonathan Holiff with the help of Rita Tateel, the ACPA is a group of individuals who work with celebrities, politicians and other public figures as personal assistants and/or estate managers. We are the “stars behind the stars” who make sure our employer’s life, work and home run smoothly.

We are aware of the growing interest in the job field of the celebrity personal assistant. However, the ACPA is not a training school. We are a professional, members-only organization for celebrity personal assistants/estate managers.

In order to qualify for membership you must be an assistant and/or estate manager to a celebrity who has worked full time, for a least a year, currently employed by a celebrity or within the last year.

For those interested in learning how to become an assistant, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for guidance.

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Mission Statement: 

To provide important information to our members by showcasing unique and high level service providers and resources.  To empower our members through professional development programs, provide networking opportunities and a forum for the exchange of ideas.

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