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Thank you for your interest in the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants! For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Join the ACPA?

  • Access to monthly ACPA meetings, which include guest speakers at some of LA’s most popular venues.
  • ACPA Job Bank, a resume referral service to prospective employers and hot jobs.
  • ACPA Membership Directory, you’ll be able to email other assistants like you.
  • ACPA “special request” emailing system, to ask for those hard to find services unique to this business.
  • Industry surveys, such as prevailing wages and the like.
  • “The Best of the Best” service directory of preferred vendors used by celebrities and their assistants.
  • ACPA members-only website section for posting bulletins, news and ideas to keep you connected.

If you qualify for membership as described below, you are welcome to attend a general meeting as a guest. Please contact us to arrange your visit.

Requirements for ACPA Membership

In order to qualify for membership you must be a current full-time personal assistant and/or estate manager (as defined below) to a celebrity (defined below) for a least one year.

If you have worked for your current celebrity employer for less than a year you may qualify if you worked full-time for a previous celebrity employer for at least a year, within the last two years.  Full-time employment is defined as no less than 30 hours/week.

“Celebrity”: A famous and celebrated person in the public eye, as evidenced through substantial mainstream national and/or international media, awards and achievements, and singularly acknowledged in his/her field(s) of endeavor.

“Celebrity Personal Assistant”: A “celebrity personal assistant” is defined as an assistant/estate manager who holds the primary and direct responsibility for the day-to-day activities of his/her celebrity employer, which includes a combination of personal and professional demands.

“Non-resident membership”: is defined as a member who resides outside a 75-mile radius of Los Angeles.

Annual resident membership dues are $150.00
Annual non-resident membership dues are $75.00

Note: If your application for membership is approved you will be sent an email with payment information. You will also be informed if for some reason you are not approved.

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    Note: All fields are required. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing. Membership in the ACPA is not guaranteed -- if approved for membership, you will be sent additional information.

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    Business References: Please list three (3) references, at least two of which must be an: Agent, Manager, Business Manager, Publicist, Attorney or HR Personnel of Celebrity Employer for which you currently work.

    Letter of reference (on official letterhead) from one of the three business references listed above

    Bio of your employer (a link, such as to an IMDB profile Wikipedia, or Web page, is acceptable)

    Link to national/international press clipping featuring your employer


    I understand that as part of my ACPA membership, I may become aware of certain information regarding other attendees or their employers (current and past), which may be considered confidential. Therefore, as a condition of my being able to participate in the ACPA, I agree to the following:

    1. During the time I am present at an ACPA function, and as a result thereof, I may obtain knowledge of certain facts, information, details, particulars and other circumstances both personal and otherwise, with regard to another attendee or pertaining to their employer including their employer's company, their friends, relationship, acquaintances, businesses, business dealing, business relationships and other aspects of their employer's life, all of which hereinafter will be collectively referred to as the "Confidential Information."

    2. I agree that under no circumstances, now or any time in the future, will I reveal, disclose or otherwise divulge any Confidential Information to any person, firm, corporation, publication, media, or other entity for any reason whatsoever without, in each instance, the prior written consent by the ACPA President or Vice President. The foregoing shall include, without limitation, providing Confidential Information for magazine articles, newspaper articles, books and television stories, whether such are authored by myself alone or in concert with others or are authored entirely by others.

    3. I understand that in the event that I do reveal, disclose or otherwise divulge any Confidential Information, without prior written consent, in addition to any other remedy ACPA may have, I agree to remit to ACPA, immediately upon demand, all such consideration which I have derived
      from disclosing or otherwise divulging such Confidential Information.

    4. I further understand that if I reveal or divulge Confidential Information, such acts shall cause the concerned parties irreparable harm, entitling ACPA and/or the concerned parties to obtain an injunction restraining the continued or further breach of this Agreement, as well as monetary damages which ACPA or the concerned parties may sustain by reason of such breach.

    5. Should any portion or provision of this Agreement be unenforceable or invalid by reason of any
      law, statute, ordinance or determination of any court of competent jurisdiction, then the
      remainder of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect and this Agreement shall be modified to the minimum extent necessary to comply with such law, statue, ordinance or determination.

    6. This Agreement shall be construed according to the laws of the State of California for agreements to be entered into and to be wholly performed therein.



    By electronically signing this document, you signify your consent to this agreement.