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Riveter Consulting Group is now hiring a Family Assistant for a family in Katy, Texas. This Family Assistant will be primarily responsible for assistant duties and some child supervision when the Nanny is not available.

5 days per week TBD
40 hr minimum

Responsibilities include running errands, light housekeeping, general administrative tasks, cooking, coordinating schedules, laundry, grocery shopping and other miscellaneous tasks.

1. Walking to the mailbox and checking the mail
2. Receiving packages and bringing them inside
3. Tracking and charging batteries for cameras and other devices
4. Washing the children’s laundry
5. Folding laundry and microfiber towels
6. Making phone calls for the family
7. Coordinating reservations for the family
8. Arranging dry cleaning for the family
9. Pulling out the trash bins for trash day
10. Bringing in 5-gallon water jugs after delivery
11. Taking trash out of the house and into the garage
12. Sweeping, dusting, mopping, and wiping down areas as needed
13. Grocery shopping
14. Running errands such as dropping off packages to FedEx, picking up prescriptions, processing returns…etc.
15. Transport Principal occasionally because he is visually impaired (vehicle provided)

DOE + Medical, vision, dental  100% paid, cell phone, and laptop provided


To apply for this job please visit