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Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

Q.  Who is eligible to apply for membership?

A.  In order to qualify for membership you must be a current full-time assistant and/or estate manager to a celebrity for at least one year. If you have worked for your current celebrity employer for less than a year you may qualify if you worked full-time for a previous celebrity employer for at least one year, within the last two years.

Applications for membership may be submitted throughout the year.  Applicants are notified within 3-4 weeks.

Q.  Can I attend an ACPA monthly meeting?

A.  Meetings are open to members and eligible prospective members only (those that meet the membership criteria but have not yet submitted applications). If you are an eligible prospective member and would like to attend an ACPA meeting, please contact us.

Q.  Can I apply for positions listed with the ACPA Job Bank?

A.  The ACPA Job Bank is a members-only service.

Q.  I don’t have experience as a celebrity assistant or estate manager. What should I do?


  • Start gaining experience by working in a secretarial/administrative position and work your way up to assisting top-level management. (Assistants to top-level corporate executives will know the challenges and pressures associated with handling such a demanding role.)
  • Working for a public relations firm, talent agency, or a celebrity’s manager/lawyer/accountant/production company/studio, etc. might provide you with more opportunities.
  • Most assistant positions require at least basic computer skills in word processing, spreadsheets and some knowledge of other software. The more you know, the better off you are!
  • Network, network, network! The power of networking is invaluable. Tell everyone you know what your goal is. Many PA’s have obtained their job by word of mouth.
  • Look in the Los Angeles Times (or a major newspaper in your city) under Administrative Assistant/Executive Assistant; also seek out high-end employment agencies that specialize in placing personal assistants.
  • Watch the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”. (Yes, we are serious) While entertaining, this film will help you to quickly realize whether or not the position of a personal assistant is something you might find both enjoyable and doable.