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If you and your principal are available and interested in helping to create a home this Saturday for this inspiring young family, please reach out to Georgie Smith with a SENSE OF HOME at
Access Hollywood will be profiling the event this weekend and please see more details below.


Patty was in foster care for much of her life and “aged out”. She is now age 22 and she has two young ones. A little girl age 2 (Mavis Jane) and her boy, Giovanni, is turning 5 next week. Her two year old girl has microcephaly (underdeveloped brain). Mavis Jane is developmentally — more like a one year old. Mavis Jane is in therapy 4 times a week for 5 hours at a time. Patty loves hiking with her kids and her son loves soccer and karate.

They have been homeless and now have a one bedroom apartment at 25843 Narbonne Ave Lomita, CA 90717 . They moved in on Friday (photo attached). They have a blow up mattress and pack and play and two picnic chairs. Patty works at the Department of Mental Health as a Clerical Clerk. Now that she is settled in to her new home she wants to return to school to be a NICU Nurse. 

I have attached a photo of Patty with her kids.